Curriculum Pathway


Finally – this is what you have been waiting for!

Phase 1 are proud to unveil our interactive artwork entitled ‘Hope’. We will be entering our work into the Spirited Art competition. All the children have contributed to each element of this work and we are very proud of it. It is inspired by the Bible story of Noah’s ark and highlights the plastic pollution problem in our oceans.


There are 2 of each ark animal that make up the rainbow, these are based on the work of Steven Brown. The fish in the ocean have been painted in Mondrian or Kandinsky style .The plastic in the ocean creates the interactive element where the children can come and remove the plastic themselves. This will motivate them and give them hope for the future of our world.

Curriculum Pathway

LO: What is a school of Sanctuary? What is a refugee?

The children found out today that St Paul’s C of E Primary school is a School of Sanctuary. We talked about how the word sanctuary means safe. We then watched this lovely cartoon which helped the children understand more about refugees.

The children saw how the school in the video welcomed the refugee and made him feel happy and safe. They recognised that the boy would be feeling nervous and scared, and maybe not able to understand the language. Some children shared where they were from and what it felt like when they came to St Paul’s. The children spoke about how St Paul’s welcomes other people and how we have children from lots of different countries. We felt that this made our school a special and friendly place to be.

Here the children are making posters showing what it is like at a School of Sanctuary.

RE: What does it mean to live in Hope?

In today’s Curriculum Pathway we learnt the story of Noah’s Ark. We painted animals from the ark in the style of Scottish artist Steven Brown. We love how the animals are painted in rainbow colours and talked about how rainbows relate to God’s promise never to send a flood again. Many of the children also felt that the rainbow symbolises hope for the future.

These wonderful paintings will form part of a giant piece of interactive art that we will enter into the Spirited Arts competition by NATRE (National Association of Teachers of Religious Education).

Cooking Club

Today the children made sandwiches. They began by spreading the butter on the bread. They then chose if they would like cheese or jam in their sandwich. The children having cheese had to grate it. Next, they cut their sandwiches into squares and then we went outside and had a lovely picnic.

Curriculum Pathway

RE & Art focus

What does it mean to live in hope?

Today we learnt more about hope and gave examples of things we hope for. We then looked at some artwork and discussed how it made us feel.

For the Spirited art competition we are creating an ocean scene with fish. We leant about how Christians use a fish symbol to represent Jesus Christ. The next part of the lesson involved us designing and painting our own fish in the style of either Mondrian or Kandinsky. We took our time to mix the colours and created some wonderful artwork.

Wednesday Home Learning


We have been learning about animation. Animation is the ‘illusion of movement’. We have begun to make flip books. Please make a flip book with the sheet we have given you. Feel free to draw some details on your person, such as a hat or facial features. Take a photo and share on ClassDojo.

Once you have cut out the pictures, staple it together and then flip it and see it move.